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Of course we can change. We know it from our own experiences and from seeing others who have turned their lives around. But how far can we go and how do we accomplish true self improvement? I hope you'll find a few answers here. Perhaps you want to reduce stress, get smarter, be more outgoing, or develop a quiet charisma that draws people to you. Maybe something inside prevents you from making money. Whatever self improvement you desire, coming here is a start.

Best Self Improvement CDs - Five types explained and a recommendation for each.

How to Change Yourself - The basic principles and specific steps.

Try this Personal Success Secret - Getting beyond yourself.

Self Improvement Ideas - My replies to some email questions.

Five Self Motivation Tips - See the results today!

Page Profiles and Tips

How to Develop Creativity - This page looks at a technique which will help you develop creativity in your approach to many aspects of life. Habits are what makes a lasting change, and if you make the technique here a habitual practice you'll have many creative new ideas.

Write Those Goals Down - Goals made too soon can backfire, so wait until you are ready. But when that time is right, put those goals on paper, make them specific, break them into steps, and make deadlines. There is great power in committing to something in writing.

It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinions; it is in solitude to live after our own; but the Great Man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness to the independence of solitude. - Emerson


Personal Growth - Is it possible? An inspiring answer.

The Blame Game - How to stop playing - and why this is important.

Spiritual Thoughts from an Atheist - And an explanation of atheist spirituality.

Easiest Ways to a Better Life - Why make it more difficult than it has to be?

Opportunity Only Knocks Once? - It comes along more often than we notice.

Bad Habits - A list of some of the worst.

The Benefits of Meditation - A list and a simple meditation.

Your Relationship with Money - How to make it right.

Don't Listen to Success - Model it instead.

How to Solve Problems - Greater creativity in problem solving.

Creativity Enhancement Techniques - Specific techniques.

How to Develop Intuition Power - A few simple things you can do.

Personal Goal Setting - Ten steps to make those goals really work.

Self Improvement Exercises - Something for everyone.

Anxiety Self Help Tips - A small collection from Robert Smith.

Start Thinking Out Of The Box - Use this creative problem solving technique.

Neurotheology - A Threat To Spirituality? - What it is, what.

Review of Guy Finley's Secrets of Being Unstoppable - Why it's my favorite.

Avoid Negative Energy - How to deal with those that have it.

Worth a Look

Meditation CD reviews: http://www.bestmeditationcds.com

Self improvement tips in Spanish: http://www.tusuperacionpersonal.com


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